Auto Body Repair Tips

Auto body repair is much different than taking your car to an auto mechanic. An auto body repair man can usually do mechanic work, but all mechanic’s can’t necessarily do body work. It takes a different set of skills to be an exceptional body man. Body work is the art of restoring a car to its original shape or molding a car to a unique look for car shows.

You can usually find an auto body repairman for vehicle restoration for the following types of body work; car painting, contouring and shaping panels and trims, bending car frames, replacing electrical and mechanical usage, refurbishing safety features to original standards. At most auto body shops you will find people that specialize in one area of repair. You will find welders, electricians, mechanics, and painters. At some shops it is important to have someone that can install computers and other wireless devices. There is diagnostic equipment and engine repair software that has to be used to analyze some of the newer vehicles because the electrical wiring is so complex.

Now that you are sufficiently frightened about any body work, let me share with you some simple tips that can save you a bundle. Find a reputable shop through your local Better Business Bureau. You will save a bundle by supporting shops that are honest, reliable, and capable of doing the work. If you go to a shop that has to do the job over and over again, they can find ways to charge you each time they try to fix the problem. Make sure the shop you are using is clean and organized. Ask for certifications, they should be posted in view for everyone to see. Ask about training certificates. This is one vocation where training is very important. Those certificates should also be in plain site.

What kind of facility are they working in to complete the job? Dust and dirt can cause major problems for electrical or computer repairs. Paint jobs should be completed in an area free of all dust. If you see paint slopped around the shop that is probably an indication of the kind of work they will do on your vehicle.

Ask for a written warranty before authorizing any job. Ask if they provide a free car while they are working on your car. See if they offer any discount on car rentals. Your insurance should also be checked for this money saving tip.

Consider fixing your own minor scratches or dents. Purchase a body kit from the local auto parts store for under $20. For deep scratches fill it with body filler. Sand the site until it is smooth and even. Paper and tape the area around the minor scratch. Use a good primer and then sand again. Purchase a paint spray that will match your car. Spray paint the small area. Sand the spot again with a very fine grade paper. Finally spray paint for the last time after it dries. Rub the new paint out until it matches your original color.

Rusting can cause both unsightly spots and it can eat through the metal on any car. If you find any oxidation it is smart to keep the area polished and repainted before any real damage can occur. If it is too late and the rust is already present it should be taken care of as soon as possible. Sand the rust out or cut it out if it has gone too far. You can purchase kits for rust repair at your local store. The key to saving money in body repair is prevention.