Today is September 20, 2015


What is a tornado? Do you know the warning signs and what do to if you encounter one?

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Winter Storms

If we have learned anything from the bizarre weather over the last few years, it should be to be prepared. With the upcoming winter season, people should consider preparing themselves for severe weather.

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While it often seems like flooding is beyond our control, there are measures we can take to help minimize the impact on ourselves or our homes.

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Workplace Violence

Preventing workplace violence is a growing concern in the United States. Many who have never experienced workplace violence say, I don't need to worry about this. It would never happen in my office. Violent incidents are relatively rare, but they do occur, and lives can be lost. A little preparation and investment in prevention now could save a life. There is no strategy that works for every situation, but the likelihood of a successful resolution is much greater if you have prepared ahead of time.

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Infectious Diseases

Any disease that results from an invasion in the body that results in infection and illness. They range from the common cold and seasonal influenza to small pox and the plague. Infectious diseases are undergoing a global resurgence and threaten the health of everyone.

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